Özel Tasarım 0,50 Plated Balance Ring
Özel Tasarım 0,50 Plated Balance Ring
Özel Tasarım 0,50 Plated Balance Ring

0,50 Plated Balance Ring

Price : $113.00

925 Sterling Silver

Your customization note for the item.


Artır Azalt

- Since the Ring Order is Specially Produced, it can be exchanged and returned.

- Specify your ring size in the Notes Section.

- Products are covered with a 0.50 Micron unique coating on 925 Sterling Silver.

- In order to prevent your products from darkening, they are protected with LAK.

- Since the products are handmade and personalized, the preparation time of the product is 2 weeks.

- After the product is shipped, it is delivered to your address depending on the shipping option you choose.

- It is a delicate product, so please keep it in its box.

- Avoid contact with substances such as cream, perfume, alcohol, bleach. Contact with other materials should be avoided during storage.



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