Dear Victoria brand was founded by Jasmin Özisci in 2019, following her long years in the textile and fashion design industries, as she wanted to work more on her creativity and build on her experience in jewelry design which she has always been fond of. Born in Austria and living in Istanbul, the designer has adopted the mission of designing sustainable and timeless pieces.
Dear Victoria, whose name dates back to 18th century, brings traditional values together ​​with modern craftsmanship techniques, bridging the gap between the past and the present. With Dear Victoria’s designs, jewelry can easily become a part of your personal style, complementing your daily and night outfits. Our main goal is not to dictate your personal style, but to help you find your own style with the pieces in our collection.
Era of frantic consumption. It is to make you feel just as excited when you wear a Dear Victoria piece again in the morning after taking it off at night. 

The designs you wear should be a part of your personality, tell your story, represent you and give“My philosophy of design is to create products that can give happiness and become one with you in this you a sense of belonging.” 
-Jasmin Özisci - Founder and Head of Design

We hope that anyone, who is aware of their own strength, are happy in their life and are able to enjoy it, will come and find their style in our collections and take pleasure in wearing them. And we also wish that our products, as high quality and timeless pieces, will be kept as heirlooms for generations, passed from mothers to daughters or fathers to sons, bringing joy and laughter to anyone who wears them.
We feel passionate about giving you a sense of accomplishment in your style. 
Jasmin Özisci - Founder and Head of Design


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