Özel Tasarım Hand Carved Fleur de lis necklace
Özel Tasarım Hand Carved Fleur de lis necklace

Hand Carved Fleur de lis necklace

Price : $49.00

925 Sterling Silver

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Artır Azalt

- Holy lily 'Fleur-de-lys' representing purity and light

- All of them are prepared by the master Kalemkar.

- Palladium coating (Anti-tarnish and anti-oxidation protection.)

- Micron coating (Long-lasting coating with real gold inside.)

- Nano protection (Protection created against external factors coming from outside.)

- The best quality zircon stone is used.

- Since the products are handmade and personalized, the preparation time of the product is 2 weeks.

- After the product is shipped, it is delivered to your address depending on the shipping option you choose.


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